(its short for android tox)

The best thing since sliced bread (and the bread slicer)

Antox is a multimedia messenger that allows you to take control of your privacy. By utilizing tcp relays and supernodes we are able to create a means of communication with such a high illusion of decentralization, that even snowden would approve of it

Have they fixed the battery drain yet?

Yes, it was actually fixed back in this commit. If battery drain still persists, we are also offering Antox branded battery banks (coming soon)

But its p2p, what about the data usage?

To cover our asses, wifi only mode is enabled by default. Disable this at your own risk

Why not use uTox for Android?

The comparison chart below will answer this for you

Comparison between Tox Android clients, Antox and uTox
Antox uTox
Has material design No material design
Permissions work mostly Will never fix permissions
Not on desktop, completely caters to mobile users Was already bad on desktop
Not developed by grayhatter Developed by grayhatter

If you have trouble reading, there is also an image available

Sounds great! How do I try it out?

You can install it from Google Play right here

If you're one of those silly "software should be free" kind of guys, you can get it on FDroid by adding to your repositories

You can also see how we are making the world a better place by visiting our GitHub project page